Allied Profiles Group Ltd



Once we receive your order, it is immediately put up on our system and from then on can easily be tracked by our office from start to finish. Therefore, in the case of urgent projects and jobs, we can give you accurate delivery dates and times.


All foils come into us in full size logs. We also have our own in-house slitting facility which allows us to slit the foil required for your product to the optimal size ensuring waste is to a minimum helping to keeps costs low.


Our machines are carefully set up and built around each product for every run by our trained and experienced staff. This can be very time consuming as the machines are 7 meters long but it ensures that the product we foil will have a perfect finish. We use the latest technology with all machines including Automatic Priming stations and top end Hot Melt units.


A rigorous maintenance program and schedule is in place and adhered to with all machines and operational pieces of equipment. All records of this are also held on file. This is crucial for us to achieve the quality and standards our customers expect from us.


We operate from a purpose built unit in Mallow in North Cork. This factory is fully temperature controlled and vented which gives us the perfect conditions to pre-condition the sections before we laminate them and similar for curing after the process. Pre-conditioning and curing are critical in the whole process.


Ink jet printers are used for accountability and traceability on products produced. Each run is given its own ID number and all details are linked to this ID number. This includes batch details etc. for each of the components used in the process. All this information is stored on our system and should an issue arise and we identify the cause of the issue, we can very quickly determine the other potential issues that may be out there and identify the appropriate people. Thankfully this is rarely used but is a huge comfort should an issue arise.

Quality Checks

Every product produced is inspected by one of our trained quality team. Rigorous checks are in place to ensure that what we are producing and sending out to our customers is 100%. Pull tests are conducted at regular intervals to ensure proper adhesion has been achieved.


We also own and operate our own transport and can collect and re-deliver your product from and to all customers.