Allied Profiles Group Ltd

The team at Allied Profiles have always put their customers first, and now they’re proving their commitment by moving operations to the UK to ensure an uninterrupted supply of their products in a post-Brexit world.

Allied Profiles are experienced trade laminators. They offer their clients, who include the UK’s largest systems house, services such as supplying their customers with 3D (Vacuum foiled) products as well as in line lamination of Aluminium, PVC-U, MDF and Timber. And they’re pretty good at it too, which is why they don’t want anything preventing their customers from accessing their quality laminated mouldings.

That’s why, as of the 1st January 2021, Allied Profiles are crossing the water from their base in Cork, Ireland to open a new, UK company. It’s a big move but one that they feel is necessary to avoid delays in delivering their product.
By setting up a new company, Allied Profiles aren’t only keeping their supply chain open, they’re also saving their customers from any custom declarations and extra paperwork that has arose as a result of Brexit.

New company, same great service
From the 1st of January 2021 Allied Profiles are asking all their UK customers to place orders through the new UK company, Allied Profiles UK Ltd.

While it’s a new company in a new country, everything else remains the same. The UK company will have the same great team behind it and continue to offer a high-quality service.

Allied Profiles are doing everything in their power to provide a seamless service for their customers, however, they accept there are some things beyond their control.

‘We’ve taken all the necessary steps to help our customers carry on their business with minimal cost and concern, but we accept we can’t control delays with raw materials or delays at ports. We want our customers to know that we’re doing everything we can to minimise disruption’.

The search for the perfect UK premises is now complete with a building purchased on the West Wilts Trading Estate, in Wiltshire. The company are temporarily leasing premises in Somerset to set up operations and continue with business as usual until everything is finalised with the new premises. Their goods will be manufactured and shipped to the temporary unit, then sent onto customers within the UK to provide a smooth, continuous service.

For access to the Kommerling and VEKA price list, call us on 00353 223 1953